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Modern, Affordable, Efficient Legal Representation

We think outside the box and leverage technology to offer clients affordable, efficient representation.

Today, all lawyers need to work on your legal issue is a computer and internet access to legal research software and practice guides.

  • Technology enables us to work more efficiently and cut costs, allowing us to charge lower fees than traditional law firms.

  • We use the latest, most secure legal software to manage our cases, communicate securely with you, and securely transfer funds.

  • We use the same software and research tools as attorneys in Denver highrises, but we've done away with the overhead of an expensive office space.

  • We prefer the courthouse to be our office as often as possible.

  • We work virtually and maintain a meeting space for client meetings.

We can offer lower hourly fees, because we leverage technology.

  • Breaking from the traditional law firm model of a large, fancy office and support staff means we have lower costs.

  • We're still lawyers, so we're not cheap in the typical sense. No one has ever called lawyers cheap (except as an insult). But our hourly fees and retainer are lower than other lawyers for the same, complex services.  

  • We bill at a separate, lower hourly rate for non-legal, administrative tasks.

  • We also break from traditional billing methods and can tailor our fees to fit your case.

  • We enjoy working together and never double bill when discussing a case.

We're flexible. We will meet on weekends and evenings.

  • Most lawyers won't acknowledge that we're in the customer service industry.

  • We're available when our clients are available.

  • Legal issues are hard enough without having to leave work to meet a lawyer.

We're reachable.

  • Technology minimizes administrative time and means we can devote more time to providing you legal advice.

Our philosophy on law practice offers efficiency, which means a lower bill for you.

  • Sometimes we will advise you that a lawsuit is your only option, but we listen to your goals and attempt to craft a strategy to accomplish your goal.

  • We advise you of options to minimize costs to avoid surprises.

  • Outcomes in court are unpredictable and the joy of that risk comes at a cost of hours of attorney fees.

  • Not all lawyers will point out to you when an option exists to avoid the hours of billable time spent on a hearing on an insignificant motion.

  • We run our practice to maximize the best outcomes for our clients, both legally and monetarily.

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